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Market Reader Pro ™ Privacy Policy

Market Reader Pro ™ takes client privacy very seriously and works to protect it. Market Reader Pro ™ takes the following steps to respect client privacy while collecting data from use of our web site:

1. Market Reader Pro ™ does not make any client data available to third parties. We do not sell lists, accept advertising, or generate any third-party revenue from the data that is generated on this site. We do not share data from any client with other clients.

2. Market Reader Pro ™ regularly analyzes data pertaining to visitor trends, research consumption, and research grading in order to improve our research, plan site enhancements, and measure overall site effectiveness. We consider this data to be Confidential Information as defined by Market Reader Pro ™'s Employee Confidentiality and Proprietary Rights Agreement.

3. Market Reader Pro ™ account managers, analysts, and other members of the research staff can place Reports and Briefs into a client's Private Library. To prevent duplicate placement of Reports and Briefs, research and account management employees can review the contents in this area. Internal employee education around our Privacy Policy includes discussion of Private Library review privileges and stresses the confidentiality of clients' data.

4. To encourage analysts to respond to client feedback, names and e-mail addresses of clients that use the "Report Feedback" feature are forwarded along with the comments to the analyst who wrote that Report and to Market Reader Pro ™ management.

5. All Market Reader Pro ™ employees receive copies of this Privacy Policy as part of employee training. Market Reader Pro ™ management considers violation of client confidentiality to be a serious infringement of Market Reader Pro ™ policies.



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Cosmetics Buying, Habits and Use Survey

Market Reader Pro™ surveyed over 7,000 American women in an online survey on behalf of Soap, Perfumery & Cosmetics Magazine to find out about about their cosmetics buying and use habits.
Review Cosmetics Study

Hair Care & Styling Product Survey

Consumers preferences for various hair care and hair styling products.
Review Hair Care Study
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